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If you aren’t consistently brushing your teeth each morning or night, or you fail to floss your teeth at least once each day, excess bacterial matter can cause a buildup of plaque acids. If this occurs on a frequent basis the acidic environment in your mouth can gradually start to demineralize your tooth enamel.

If our dentist notices a problem like this during your routine dental checkup at our clinic, we might recommend administering a fluoride treatment. This will likely also include advice on how to improve your daily oral hygiene routine.

If we find that an area of demineralized tooth enamel has fostered a cavity, we can help you understand your viable treatment options. If the area of tooth decay is small, we might be able to repair the tooth by applying a simple amalgam or composite resin dental filling.

The specific material we use for your dental filling will be based on the tooth’s location and appearance in your smile.

Amalgam dental fillings are created from a special blend of biologically safe dental grade metals. Their general durability makes them a good option for repairing a cavity that isn’t prevalent in your smile. A Composite resin dental filling is composed of a special dental plastic that can be shaded to match tooth enamel. This makes them a good choice for repairing a cavity that is visible in your smile.

If you live in the Manchester, Connecticut, area and you suspect a cavity is developing on one of your teeth, you should call 860-644-0099 to have it examined and treated at the dental offices of Buckland Hills Dental. Our dedicated dentists, Drs. Tae Chul Ho, Khan, Huang, Patel, and Lee are here for your smile!