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It’s natural for young children to stick fingers and thumbs in their mouths, and while a thumb sucking habit generally doesn’t affect the dental health of an infant or toddler, vigorous thumb sucking, especially in an older child, can impact the development of their smile. You can take steps to help your child quit thumb sucking to protect their smile from abnormal development.

Effects of Thumb Sucking
Because your child’s smile is constantly undergoing development from baby teeth to permanent teeth, a habit of thumb sucking can cause the teeth to come in irregularly or the roof of the mouth to change shape.

Tips to Quit Thumb Sucking
– If your child uses thumb sucking to fall asleep, our pediatric dentist may recommend an oral night appliance to protect your child’s smile during sleep.
– Thumb sucking as a way to handle anxiety can be reduced by identifying the cause of anxiety and helping your child to feel comforted in these situations.
– Praise your child for the times when they choose not to suck on their thumb.
– Bring your child to see our pediatric dentist, who can provide additional influence by explaining the risks of thumb sucking.

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