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When most of our patients hear “mouth guard,” they think of the kind they wore during football and soccer. Oral mouth guards have a slightly more detailed purpose, and they’re slightly more advanced than the boil-and-bite kind. One kind of oral mouth guard is the night guard, which can stop nighttime teeth grinding and subsequently avoid morning headaches and split chompers.

So how exactly do night guards function? By separating your layers of teeth, night guards bring teeth grinding to a halt. However, although night guards thwart the effects of teeth grinding, but they typically do not stop the habit; but don’t worry, that’s what the guard is shaped for. If you detect that there is substantial damage to the night guard after using it for more than two to three months, you may need to call us about replacing it.

Have you observed any morning headaches, earaches or jaw discomfort? Do you feel like you clench your teeth at night? If so, you may need to see us about teeth grinding and night guards. Teeth grinding is a grave condition, and it can cause major harm to your chompers if you don’t treat it hastily. We’ll provide you with a night guard to prevent the weakening from advancing, and we can fix any weakening that has been caused.

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