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A poor oral hygiene routine and regularly consuming acidic foods and drinks can put your teeth at significant risk of developing cavities. These things gradually cause the microscopic mineral structures of tooth enamel to break down, creating textured areas for bacteria to exploit. In time, it can even create microscopic channels in your tooth enamel, leading to sensitivity issues when you consume hot, cold, sweet or acidic things.

Once this happens, bacteria can exploit the tooth enamel. In time, these pores can run so deep that they even expose the dentin layer of your teeth. This can result in tooth sensitivity that can greatly affect your quality of life.

If your dentist, Dr. Tae Chul Ho, notices signs of weakened tooth enamel during your regular dental checkup, he might recommend a fluoride treatment in Manchester, Connecticut. Exposing your teeth to fluoride will help restore lost mineral structures and counteract future complications.

Dr. Tae Chul Ho will pour a little bit of concentrated fluoride gel into a tray that is held in your mouth for a few minutes. Afterward, you should avoid eating or drinking for 30 minutes to an hour to allow the fluoride to deeply penetrate deep into your tooth enamel.

If you have well water or if your enamel erosion is severe, then Dr. Tae Chul Ho might also prescribe some form of daily fluoride supplements.

If you have a history of tooth decay and sensitivity, you should call Buckland Hills Dental at 860-644-0099 to schedule a dental checkup with a fluoride treatment.